September 11, 2010

Travis and his first 30 days

Yes, its was 30 days ago since I gave birth to Baby Travis. It's like the most amazing gift I've ever received. At his first three days he can't sleep that long, he wants to hear his Dad's voice or mine chanting to him.. And the first week pass, he's the cutest and an angel, he seldom cries, they say you'll experience sleepless nights for the first five (5) months then, but I totally disagree.When he sleeps, we sleep too. I'm not a pro when it comes to motherhood, breastfeeding, and baby how-tos but with what I've learned in 30 days were enjoyable, happy and exciting. I still have many tomorrows to look forward to. And I'm blessed to have a hands-on Husband. He's the one who first bathe the baby.. He burps the baby.. And he change diaper and wakes up in the wee hours to feed him and get him back to sleep..

Now that the Husband isn't around, Baby Travis makes every minute easier for me.. He doesn't cry "that" loud. He wants to be played with. He loves hearing his Dad's voice over the phone, while he makes sounds so his Dad would hear him on the other line.

And the most, he's getting used to be photographed. Baby Travis and my camera/s (Tex, Philon and Bubuy) have a mutual understanding.. I love my babies.

Tomorrow is a Sunday, its Family Day and its Baby Travis 1st month - so that calls for a celebration. Yey! Come, join us!


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