September 16, 2010

To Jason - My Love, My Life

I miss him, I miss everything about him.. I miss my life with him. I miss him, he's my life. I never thought that I could be as sad as I am right now. It's like half of me was with him when he left for work abroad.

A little bit of sharing about him..

He stays up late checking online sites while my bedtime's early. He sleeps with lotion all over his body and baby oil for his feet and I hate it. He sleeps like he's the only one in our queen size bed. He seldom smile but I love how he laughs hard and with tears.

When I was pregnant and wants to eat and do everything while he don't - he's beside me, smiling. Good thing the past nine months wasn't as bad as I think it is. I almost eat everything but he checks my diet. He's the one who makes my milk every morning and before bedtime. I love how he massage my back with the enough pressure, then I am relieved. His fave color is black while I love white. He's such a kiddo, like I am.

He may look like the WWF wrestler Batista, but he has the softest heart. I miss our bed time talks about life, food, people and family. Every day we learn about each other and I'm happy knowing we have a lifetime to go. He's not the typical guy, rather he's one extraordinary sweet thang!

As I wait for nine months and fourteen days until we share food trips and bedtime talks. I know it would be worth the wait. For now, I share my everyday and bedtime with Baby Travis - our mini-Jason and he drives my sadness away.

With prayers, faith, hope and love. I know Jason will be safe wherever he may be.


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