October 19, 2009


Today, October 19, 2009

Its 67 days before Christmas..
Its 45 days to go till I turn 25..
Its 30 days before Christmas bonus..
Its 74 days before year 2009 closes.. Hello 2010!
Its 57 days to go before Jarah's 30th month together
(We still celebrate monthsaries, even daysaries. )

I don't know what to expect when those days arrives..
At times I'm feeling ecstatic then cynical - vice versa..

Are you feeling *CHRISTMAS?*
Me? I am and uber excited.
Some decors in our home..

Now, I don't count much of material things, which yes I know is inevitable but learning to love and nourish God's blessings and knowing our purpose in this world would really mean a lot to us, as a person and being sons/daughters of God..

I just hope that even we've gone through challenges this year
We still have lots and lots of reason to smile, laugh and celebrate life.

And more counting and exciting dates to come..
God speed everyone..

Let me share to you what I wore at our Sunday service..
I wanted to remind myself that Christmas is sooo near..
BlueGreen Dress, Red Flats, Yellow Nails, Vintage sling bag,
A forgotten scarf, Chainlink headband..
And one big sweet smile..

Let's be merry everyday..


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