October 12, 2009

One Sweeturday..

Sunny hot weather outside, don't make me go out.. So last Saturday, I just stayed home with Mom, and the others were out.. We had lunch together and had a good laugh.. We always have lunch together at work, but that's totally different when we're home..

Then came Kuya Jon and Dad, they joined us for lunch and the house was filled with laughter. It was fun, I miss those times that we really had a good laugh together, and that makes me miss my 3 brothers, Kuya Bobby and Kuya Ryan who works outside the country, while Kuya Onat resides somewhere Fairview.

Watching television is the last thing that I'll do, I'd rather sit-in and surf the net the whole day.. But that afternoon was different, I'm about to watch, when Kuya Jon asked me if I want to go with him to the mall. I said yes right away..

And where we at? At the salon! Yes, me and Kuya.. Isn't it sweet? I don't think one's brother would tag you to a salon for a manicure and pedicure.. Hahaha :)


 I got Orly Spark for my nails. Love it! :) 

Then had a snack with Kuya at the foodcourt.. Seeing these kids, makes us smile.. Learning the virtue of sharing.. Sharing halo-halo.. Love them kids!

Off to the parking.. 
Walk and walk.. 
 And this couple got my attention..
Mall is crowded - stay with me.

And honestly, I'm missing Jason. Sad. 

As we go through our everyday life, there's just simple ways to show others how sweet, kind and beautiful our world is. So share sweetness and kindness. It would make one's sad heart - smile :) 

 Have a sweet everyday everyone! :) 


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