April 21, 2010

All That Bag

When I was in high school, I change my bag every week.. Mom would always buy me new bag.. And I'm happy, I always look forward for the week ahead..

Before, the only time I get to hold and use Coach bags is when my sister-in-law from New York comes home to Pinas.. She brings home purses and bags for her two daughter, too bad they can't use it at school cause they're way too small to stuff their books in it, so here comes the Aunt (that's me) to the rescue.. LOL

It was my 24th birthday, when Jason bought a Lacoste bag for me.. I was thrilled and happy.. I won't ask for the price, but hey I don't really want to spend that much money on bags, I'd rather spend it on food. And until now, that bag still looks good. And that made me realize that an expensive bag may last for years-years..

When I got pregnant, I wished for a bigger bag than the usual that I use. Cause I want a big bag that has everything on it.. Papers, vitamins, baby book, etc. So I was looking for one.. I ended up buying a Black *kinda-big* Aldo Bag.. I could say its a good buy..

Now that I'm 25, I've learned so many things, like powders, make-ups, shower gels, etc. etc and *those* expensive bags (as they say..) And thanks to my very best friend Sofie who a self-confessed designer bag collector, who introduced me to the LV idea.. Yes, she did! :) Last year, we had a talk about having an LV, I didnt say yes, but I welcomed the idea.

One day, I saw my other sis-in-law posted a picture in her FB account of a Coach bags that's for sale.. I bought these two lovelies..

This is Polk, I got it. Hahaha :)
Then, my little surprise for my lovely Mom
I still have the purse in Polk's design, I'm still thinking if I want to sell it or use it...

Months past, I have Lucca :) My very own LV Speedy 35 :) My special thanks to Ate Sheryl and Kuya Ranni :)

When the Husband arrived home, he asked me where my new *expensive* bag is? I smiled. He asked if I liked it, I smiled again. And he hugged and kiss my belly.

He said.. " Enjoy Lucca, and maybe if our baby's a girl, she and even her daughter's daugther still can use it.. "

Laughed. Priceless.


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