April 24, 2010

Process of Learning

As I welcome my 6th month of pregnancy, I never knew that I had so much support from my Mother, my four brothers, my four sister-in-laws and my husband, Jason..

I thought, I can do it alone.. Without any help but I'm totally wrong. I remember my 2 older brothers got married at the age of 18/19.. I was 4 years old then and was called Tita (Aunt).. I knew how to take care of babies, as if seen with how my sis-in-law do it. And now after 22 years, I'm the one whose gonna give birth and be called Mommy.. I wanna embrace that feeling, cause its the best gift God has given me and Jason. I won't count how long we've been together, cause I know its forever.. That's why I never stop on saying my thanks to God.

Now, I'm feeling heavy. I walk, I do some household chores though we already have two helpers at home. I do the grocery, I pay bills.. Its like I'm training myself for the future.. I eat for two, I sleep for two (an advantage, haha) I do things more than what I expect I can. I am truly blessed. And now that my belly's showing off, I am happy whenever I see people look at my belly and flash me a smile.. It makes me feel adorable, really.. Though I don't fix myself like I did before when me and Jason were dating, still he complement the way I look now with my belly :)

Last night, Jason set a movie date. I came from the office, while he came from his training in Manila. Of course, I was there earlier than he is, so I dropped by the bookstore and saw this and bought it.

And viola, I was running through the pages. It was like a kid with a new coloring book, I even bought a highlighter with it. Cause I know, it will tell me everything I need to know other than listening to old folks sayings.. *pamahiin* But hey, I respect that. Its just that, every pregnancy, every woman, every baby is and may be different from each other.. You may feel something that other pregnant woman don't. That's why it pays to read. And was thankful that I bought this..

When I was on my 2-3 months, and was excited to start buying baby stuffs, so I won't cram. One person comes into my mind, my Sister-in-law, Ate Sheryl.. She was the first one in the family who knew I was pregnant and was very much happy about it. She gives me advices about being pregnant, on giving birth, delivery and the baby itself. She is Shyan Carl's mom, my Kuya Ryan's wife, who was also my best friend who never misses to update me with good buys on baby stuffs. That's why I'm taking this opportunity to thank her for being the sister I don't have.

Thanks so much Ate She! You're the best sis-in-law! Love you!

What I've learn? Love the people around you. Learn to respect them. Don't be jealous. Don't pretend to be someone you're not just to get attention.

And the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Matthew 7:12


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