April 13, 2011

Mommy Finds : Shopping Cart Cover from Proud Mama Store

Since this blog is dedicated to my mommy-ventures. Here's my first entry to my (personal) Mommy/Baby stuffs finds, which I personally tried, and hopefully my reviews will help other Mom's too. Did I say that in my 9 months of pregnancy, I never stop reading reviews on Baby stuffs. Glad I did.

My first Mommy Finds is Proud Mama Store's Shopping Cart Cover

It folds into ITS-OWN pocket and viola turns into a bag 

Loop in your baby's toys :) 

Think of a restaurant high chair? As I read at glamomamas, those high chair ARE covered in more bacteria than the average public toilet seat (EVEN IF IT LOOKS CLEAN), and from being a shopping cart cover, you can use it as a HIGH CHAIR COVER. Nice eh?

Since Travis wants everything in his mouth, this cart cover prevents the chance of him getting bacteria from grocery carts and high chairs too. A good find, right?!




You can order these Shopping Cart/High Chair Cover at P1,500, visit

And so I'll give - 5 DIAPERS

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  1. You have such an adorable baby boy!
    And that scarf!so cute!
    Are those shoes or socks?!
    So fasyon ah!LOL!


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