April 26, 2011

Recipe: Shrimp with Sweet and Sour Sauce

You got..

  • Shrimp? (Yes, from my Dad's Fishpond)
  • EVOO? (Check!) 
  • Garlic, lots of it? (Check!) 
  • Sweet Chili Sauce? (Check!)
  • Toasted Garlic (Optional) because I love Garlic (Check!)
This is easy. I promise. 

1. Saute the garlic until brown in EVOO..
2. Put the shrimps in..


3. Add in the your sweet chili sauce.  


4. Serve. I topped it with toasted garlic.
5. ENJOY! SHARE! Eat with your hands and 3 cups of rice. 




One easy recipe, right? :)  

Mommy Events: EXPO MOM 2011, May 7 at the Rockwell Tent

Hello Moms! Hello Mompreneurs! Hear ye, Hear ye.. Come one, Come All! 

Expo Mom is the premier lifestyle event for moms in Manila. It is a trade expo, all-day workshop, shopping destination, mommy party, family occasion, mompreneur lab, all rolled into one!

Yes you can shop and browse, interact with our vendors, and you will also learn a lot about what services are out there for you and your family.
If you’re a mompreneur or business owner looking for new items to carry, most of our mompreneur vendors will also be happy to answer your queries on possible reselling or distribution.

Expo Mom entrance fee is only P25, 100% of which goes to MomShare outreach. Expo Mom discourages the use of plastic so attendees are asked to kindly bring their own reusable shopping bag:)

For further info, email or visit

Wide range of Products and Activities awaits you and your whole family. 

I'm excited to share these to everyone especially for curious Moms like Me. Of course we want quality products for our little ones. 

So mark your calendar, May 7, 2011 at the Rockwell Tent 

Travis and I have been waiting for these.. This will be fun! See you all there.

April 25, 2011

Water Fun


Ola! How's everybody? How was your weekend? Me and Travis spent it with my family. And he enjoyed it as much as I do. I love long weekends, family's day out and gone swimming. 

Oh and I'm so excited to hit the beach this weekend. My Brother is here for a vacation. Am smelling the beach, feeling the sand on my feet, hearing the waves. Is my Mango Shake ready? 

I can't stop thinking about the weekend, can we just fast forward the days, please?

April 17, 2011

One Saturday Away

For the weeks passed,aside from my two days of work, It's hard to find the time to take Travis outside, but then I saw the details of the #MercatoTweetUp, (truth is I've been wanting to visit the Mercato Centrale @BGC since ages) and decided to tag along my girl Sofie too, glad I did. 

And since we're outside na, we made the most of it! 

Where we are yesterday? 

1. Mercato Centrale @BGC - Food festival, organic products, beverages, dried products  and possible suppliers for birthdays and events too.


2. Serendra - Oh Blow Up Babies, why do you have to be sooooo far (from us) :( 


3. Drive Thru at Starbucks 

4. Banapple, Blue Ridge

5. Centris Walk

This day was fun-filled. I wanna do this again but one place at a day next time. Haha. 

Have a great and blessed week ahead to everyone. 

And I'm taking this opportunity to thank everyone who take their time to visit my blog, drop a comment and visits again. Here's a virtual hug to you all. I am honored.

April 15, 2011

MoMo | Celebrating Birthdays

I love birthdays, being thankful for another year is truly a blessing. 

Every 12th of the month, we celebrate Travis' birth.
And I am truly blessed. 
Thankful for everyday. 


He just turned 8 months last Tuesday and celebrated it with my college friends RC and Dolly with Ninang Bes Sofie and Ninong Ronald :) 


I'm forever thankful that even though my Husband is miles away, my family and friends and our househelp celebrates this day with us.
I love them all. We love them all.

And here I am, blocking my nephews way to blow my own candle on my birthday cake. LOL. 

More Life's celebration at Mommy Moments. 

mommy moments

April 13, 2011

Mommy Finds : Shopping Cart Cover from Proud Mama Store

Since this blog is dedicated to my mommy-ventures. Here's my first entry to my (personal) Mommy/Baby stuffs finds, which I personally tried, and hopefully my reviews will help other Mom's too. Did I say that in my 9 months of pregnancy, I never stop reading reviews on Baby stuffs. Glad I did.

My first Mommy Finds is Proud Mama Store's Shopping Cart Cover

It folds into ITS-OWN pocket and viola turns into a bag 

Loop in your baby's toys :) 

Think of a restaurant high chair? As I read at glamomamas, those high chair ARE covered in more bacteria than the average public toilet seat (EVEN IF IT LOOKS CLEAN), and from being a shopping cart cover, you can use it as a HIGH CHAIR COVER. Nice eh?

Since Travis wants everything in his mouth, this cart cover prevents the chance of him getting bacteria from grocery carts and high chairs too. A good find, right?!




You can order these Shopping Cart/High Chair Cover at P1,500, visit

And so I'll give - 5 DIAPERS

April 2, 2011

They are The Best, Both!


I just love these two. Period.
As much as possible, I tag them both wherever Travis and I go.
They're simply the best. 
And oh, Travis love them too.

At Sentro 1771, BHS
At Bigoli

(photos from Jheny and Bes Sof's FB)

And last March 31st marks their first year with us.
That night, I cooked dinner then surprised them with these..


And this goes out to each and every househelp around. 
Thank you. 
I salute you.


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