March 5, 2011

Framed Countdown

Today marks the Husbands' 6th month of being away from us. But I'm thankful that he's safe as well as his co-workers and his cruise ship too. Before he left, he told me to take pictures of Travis' everyday, everytime. And so I did, and aside from the pictures I'm taking using my camera, I availed of The Picture Company's membership, so he could have some studio captured pictures.

As months passes by, we've already been to the studio for more than 6-10 times in 6 months. And everytime Travis had his photo shoot, we end up with a happy smile and happy heart. So what I did, every pictures I order, were frame and sticked to one (boring) wall in our bedroom..

That only means I need just 4 more framed pictures..


  1. that's such a great idea! turns the nega into positive, love it :)

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  2. wow bes! I super love it :) can I have my foto with you posted there?! LOL hahaha im part of ze family right? hehe yab u!

  3. wow.. lapit na umuwi si Daddy Jayson! :)

  4. oh cool, that wall will be filled to the brim with memories.


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