March 24, 2011

GT | Song That Make Me Smile

Another first post for Girls Talk. 
Prompt this Thursday is: songs that make us smile

There's so many songs that makes me smile, I'll share the best three of all. 

1. Just the Way You Are | Bruno Mars
- this song was sung by the Husband over the phone with a guitar. He was in Singapore that time. And whenever I hear this, I smile, my heart smiles. 

Oh her eyes, her eyes
Make the stars look like they're not shining
Her hair, her hair
Falls perfectly without her trying

She's so beautiful
And I tell her every day

Yeah I know, I know
When I compliment her
She wont believe me
And its so, its so
Sad to think she don't see what I see

But every time she asks me do I look okay
I say

When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are

Her nails, her nails
I could kiss them all day if she'd let me
Her laugh, her laugh
She hates but I think its so sexy

She's so beautiful
And I tell her every day

Oh you know, you know, you know
Id never ask you to change
If perfect is what you're searching for
Then just stay the same

So don't even bother asking
If you look okay
You know I say

2. While the two songs are from Local TVCs, if only you can see Travis dance, shout, laugh when watching these.. (Okay, you can laugh at me na..)
     2.A. Colgate's Brush-Brush

     2.B. Lucky Me Nam Nam


  1. hehehe.. kakatuwa naman ng choice song mo..

    My GT

    follow you here..hope you'll do the same.. :)

  2. My 1yr old son likes the colgate commercial too! Happy GT! Thanks for visiting me.

  3. your hubby is so sweet!

    Here is my song. Please don't forget to follow me @ GFC & NetworkedBlogs. Thanks very much!

    Happy GT!

  4. I so love Bruno Mars' Just The Way You Are...Nice pick mommy :)

    here's mine

  5. I first heard the song Just the way you are last year when my friend got married. It is very lovely! Thanks for sharing the two videos about the ads. Makes me feel I am still close to PI. I will definitely eat food that I miss. Then I will brush my teeth afterwards. Mine is up - My Happy Song

  6. Two of the videos you posted are my son's favorite. :) The Bruno Mars and Colgate song.

    Pinay Mama
    Baguio Food
    My Blissful Life

  7. mas gusto ko yang colgate.. nyahahaha.. cool.. kick-ass...
    Girls Talk here

  8. i über love ALL your choices! yes, even the namnam commercial i love because of the kanto boys. they're so adorable!

  9. grabe haven't seen any Filipino commercials for a loong time, kaka-miss din pala... iba talaga creativity of our kabayans

    Have a great week ahead girl, here's my funny song if you haven't visited me yet
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  10. Aww those are cute song choices! :) Made me smile for sure! ^^,

    Sorry for the delayed visit. Mine's here in case you haven't visited it yet. ^_^ Happy GT!

    Mars @ The Life Encounters


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