March 3, 2011

Random Midweek

And playtime starts. I love my everyday. My week is 1-2 days at the office to do the weeks payroll and reports, the rest of the week I stay home with Travis while I'm online too. And we look forward to weekends with our family and friends. Though how can you have playtimes and weekend funs when you have a cold? Just after Travis got better (from colds too), here I am sneezing my lungs out, I just hate it! I hate this. Less playtime and must drown myself with Vitamins C, Orange Juice, Water etc. I hope I'll get better. Besides me being sick, one thing that makes me more sick is what am seeing in news, reading tweets about a property sold to herself? But am thankful I only have colds not memory lapses.

I won't be sending out (colds) virus instead good, positive vibes to everyone!


  1. such a cute baby! =D

  2. ang kikay at kikoy nyong magmommy!!! uy, lapit na uwi si jayson :D


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