March 8, 2011

Glam-O-Mama's Nutritional Cooking Class

Who wouldn't want this?
I don't. So, when I read Jenni Epperson's blog post about Glam-o-Mama's Nutritional Class, I then emailed and reserve a slot for myself. (Held March 1, Sorry for the delayed post)

For Moms, we should know how to introduce "Nutrition" to our babies/kids diet. And it's never too late for me, since Travis is just starting to munch on solid foods. He loves Broccoli and I'm happy with it.. But after the Nutritional Class, I know I could give more. Nutrition awareness for us, Mom are one of the best things we can do for our babies, for they'll help in developing our child both physically and mentally. Many thanks to Glam-O-Mama Amanda and Oh Baby's Mommy Chefs Reb and Tina for teaming up for this event.

And here's the event's picture-tour..

The Nutrition Class was held at Imagine That! located at Makati..

Here's the "Parade of Nutritions!" Yey!

Introducing our babies to Nutrition isn't that hard, the two Mom Chef's 12 easy to prepare dishes are one way to start it. And I for myself already tried preparing Steamed Fish in Apple Sauce, and it's a hit not just for my lil Travis but also to my Dad and Mom. Who wouldn't think that we can eat what our little ones eat? Our little ones' food should NOT be limited to what groceries and supermarkets offers, let's go beyond - besides we want whats best for them, right? I'll be sharing some of the recipes as I prepare them for Travis. And oh, don't forget to serve them in colorful plates too..

I am a happy Mom. Thanks Jenni Epperson, Glam-O-Mamas and Oh Baby! We look forward to more of your events. More power!

So Mommys, Aunts, Godparents, Everyone - always visit Glam-O-Mamas' website for more of BabyMama events!

And as Glam-O-Mama Amanda twitsay:

For more pictures, you can check out my FB post here.

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