March 22, 2011


At 7 months, I see his interest on everything. Might be a toy, a book, a fruit, everything. He explores it, look at it and even tries to taste it. Smart one huh. I'm no genius myself or that I'm unaware of. But I pray, he'll be one of his generations' best. Whenever I look at him, a tear would fall then I smile. I'm happy and excited, that finally this little boy will again be with his Dad whose been away for 6 months now. 

He's a genius in his own way, I love how he puts the ball unto his toy, look at it as it goes  down and smile when he got his ball back. I love his every move, his every poof, his every giggles. That one morning when he bit my nose. Yes, he did. I woke up laughing. With all the babbles, cooooos and caaaaas I am relieved, he's enjoying the world, our world. 

I am genius, You are genius. 
I am glad. Be glad. 

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  1. bagay si Travis for tv commercial.ang cute nya!


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